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To better organize the site, we have standardized the format of usernames. If your account is affected, you will have received a notification from us with the new username. With effect from 23 November 2009, you must use the new username to log in. Your password remains unchanged.

Please contact your respective Abacus support person if you have difficulties logging in.

Abacus WebConnect Resource Centre

If you are new to Abacus WebConnect, you can start with the Developers' Guide.

Features on this site include:-

- Submitting sample requests of every Sabre and Abacus Web services in the WebConnect family
- Search with a type-ahead feature, providing quickly access to specific web services
- Each web service's details, list of versions, and samples
- Knowledge Base, continuously building up over time to document frequently encountered queries and samples
- RSS feeds, helping keep track of any new updates on various parts of the website

Abacus WebConnect provides easy, fast and flexible access to Abacus’ system functionality and content.  It is ideal for travel agents and their partners who want to build a customised shopping & booking application for their customers.

Based on OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) standards, Abacus WebConnect uses web services requests and responses to provide a single point of access to functionality and content from Asia’s leading travel facilitator.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce development costs and help you get your products to market faster
  • Increased flexibility - Access functionality and content from Asia’s leading travel facilitator, your own systems and independent 3rd party providers using one development protocol.
  • Eliminates need for screen scaping or translation of complex Abacus system commands. Based on industry generic technology standards that enable different systems to ‘talk’ to each other using a single interface, developers no longer have to understand Abacus system formats but can still ensure you and your travellers have all the functionality you need to sell travel – air, car, hotel, passenger name record (PNR) and more.

What are web services?

Web services protocol enables unrelated applications to communicate with each other regardless of the platform or programming language used. A web service is a software interface that describes a collection of operations or in business terms a task – for example flight availability.

Using universally defined interfaces makes it easier to reuse applications providing a better return on investment for your development time.

Abacus WebConnect, using web services, allows you to:

  • Interact between services on any platform, written in any language.
  • Conceptualise application functions into tasks, which leads to task orientated development and workflows and a closer interaction between business requirements and technical functionality
  • Allows for changes to be made to individual services or tasks without affecting the rest of your application.
  • Enables existing applications to be adapted to meet changing customer demands
  • Provides service interfaces for legacy software applications, extending the lifespan of existing applications without the need for redevelopment

Contact your local Abacus National Marketing Company for more information how Abacus WebConnect can help you to increase your profitability.